Tailor Tips

  1. 1 How should a suit fit? How do I know if it's too big or small?

    A suit is like a second skin. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with whatever you wear, even with a suit. If you feel fine, then you chose the right suit, not too big and not too small!


  2. 2 What jacket styles and fabrics are in for spring?

    I love tartan and Prince of Wales fabrics, with a touch of pastel colors to make them more modern and fresh. Remember, the jacket is a must even for the hottest days, so chose fresh fabrics like Mohair and Silk.

  3. 3 French cuff shirts are everywhere. What's the deal?

    I do like them very much, not only for business but also for more informal occasions.

  4. 4 Notch lapels....Peak lapels.....explain please.

    Notch lapels are more common, peak lapels totally represent my own style. They may seem more formal, but I love them for every occasion.

  5. 5 What are your styling tips for traveling men, dashing plane to plane?

    A blue suit is perfect for business as well as for an evening event, but be sure it's a one or two-button suit!

  6. 6 I'm heading to a black tie, is a traditional tie or bow-tie appropriate?

    Bow-tie forever!

  7. 7 What kind of thread does a good suit use?

    A precious suit can be done only by using a thread of precious wool...

  8. 8 One, two or three-button suits? How do I choose?

    One for dinner, 2 for business, 3 for .... ready to wear, but please don't ask me for a three button suit!

  9. 9 Europeans love their side vents. What do they have that a center vent doesn't?

    I totally agree, being European! I don't think I have ever done a center vent jacket in my life! Let me ask you? What's the use of a center vent? Go for side vents!

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