Sophisticated and cool, TRUE IKKON ("IKKON"),  is a mecca of everyday menswear for the modern man, backed by some of the finest designer names on the market. We live and breathe fashion and want to give access to everyone who craves it, styling posh businessmen, scene-loving urbanites, and every man in between.

Our mantra is simple:
Style IKKON’s aren’t born that way, they’re created, one carefully selected piece of clothing at a time. And finally, it’s your time to live like one.

Kara Pazik, has maintained a love for fashion from an early age. Pazik earned a degree in communications from Fordham University and has an extensive background in customer service, having worked with luxury retailers, such as Giorgio Armani.

Kristen Pazik-Shevchenko is a successful international American fashion model and wife of legendary Ukrainian soccer player Andriy Shevchenko. Tapping into her close relationships with the top brands in the fashion world, Pazik-Shevchenko is dedicated to fundraising for Andriy Shevchenko Charity Foundation, which supports orphans in the Ukraine.

Marisa Pazik, also an international model, has a passion for fashion and marketing that has endured her entire life. The youngest sister of the three, she graduated from University of Maryland with a focus on communications. She has a background in business development and social media.